[FREE QUIZ] Exclusively for Introverted Female Entrepreneurs

Which Marketing Method Suits Your Personality?

Let's face it -- we do the things we are most comfortable doing.

Honor your introverted nature by using the marketing method you're aligned with.

This quiz will help you quickly:

  • Determine whether or not you should be using social media marketing. Plus, action tips to help improve your social media presence
  • Reveal if email marketing is your thing even if you're unsure about what to say
  • Show you your strengths when it comes to marketing so you can confidently ask for sales

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Hi!  I'm Sara Lewis, an introverted entrepreneur.

Being an introvert means I have to constantly manage the perfectionism and self-judgement in my head.  I've been a solopreneur for 10 years and have learned how to handle social media, email marketing, asking for a sale, and scheduling alone time.  After struggling the first few years to build my business, I now have the freedom of a regular paycheck and time with my daughter.

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